This is What Happens When We Talk

Perhaps it’s a good thing that we don’t talk more often than we do, since our conversations frequently have results similar to this:

A Phone Conversation with Jason (Abridged)

Me: Happy Birthday!

Jason: Thank you!  I bought a rug!

Me:  Gasp!  Without me?

Jason: I know!

Both of Us:  Sigh… Morocco.

Jason:  I want to go to Portland.

Me:  Me too!

Both of Us:  Click, click, scroll.

(A little bit later)

Jason:  I cleared a weekend!

Me:  I booked plane tickets!

Both of Us:  Hurrah!  A trip!

Jason:  Well, good to talk to you.

Me:  You too!  See you in a different city soon!

Both of Us:  Bye!

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