This is Just to Say

… That we are now in Tokyo!
We’ve been blogging since checking in to the hotel, trying to wrap up Korea before we tackle Japan.
Here’s a quick summary of the transit, as chonicled by food and one restroom stop:
Dinner at Gimpo Airport
Waer, orange juice, and a ham and cheese croissant
An attempt to spend my remaining won led to a choice between a chocolate muffin and an eye masks with a Korean pretty-boy’s eyes printed on it.  The pretty-boy, although pretty, was not wearing eyeliner  so the muffin won:
>2 hour flight and they served us a meal in a neatly-wrapped bento box no less.
Once again, I’m psyched for both the food and the packaging options in Japan.
And, finally, this:
Outside the restroom in Gimpo is a sign indicating which stalls are available at that moment.  Get your act together, America, and get with the times!

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