New York – The Photos

At the airport.  One kid showed up at 6:00 AM (we were meeting at 7:30), he was so excited.
Van ride into the city

Dinner the first night.

Posing in the Disney Store with original costumes from the new Spider-Man movie.

Mmm… Schmackary’s Cookies at midnight (ish)!

First subway ride
Central Park
Posing for the camera…

Not posing for the camera (mostly)

The view from the rooftop garden at the Met

Street food

Central Park again

My chaperones
Lincoln Center
Radio City Music Hall bathrooms

They’re setting up for the Tonys!

Buying street art
Deli food
Meeting the cast (that’s Iago from “Aladdin”)
Late-night cheesecake in the hotel lobby
Subway from Battery Park to the Village
Next, a bunch of photos from Accomplice:

Jing Fong’s:

At the airport to go home:
Chism, one of the student, bought me this Shakespeare doll at Lincoln Center.  I strapped him to my backpack for the ride home.
(Chism and Ryan also bought my dad a Mario shirt from the Nintendo store because the students decided Dad looks Mario.  Aw!  If I find a photo of Dad in the shirt, I’ll post it later.)
(Update – thanks, Rachel!)

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