Know Your Audience

Me:  Okay, Knights, at this point in the song I want a protective stance, so let’s have you guys form a circle back-to-back.

The knights make a U-shape.

Me:  No, a circle.

The knights make a horseshoe shape.

Me:  A circle, guys.  An actual circle.  Make a circle.  I make circle shapes with my hands.

The knights scooch in closer to each other.

Me:  No, just close the back part.

They do.

Me:  Now face out…

Three of them turn to face in.

Me:  No, out.  Away from each other.

Those three turn to face out.  At the same time, the two in the back step out of the circle to face the audience instead.

Me:  Face away from each other, but still in a circle.

They scooch closer together. 

Me: Inspiration strikes.  Weathertop.  Stand like you’re on Weathertop.

Knights:  Ohhhh!

They immediately form a circle back to back.

Knights:  Why didn’t you just say that to begin with?

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