London Day 3 – The Borough Market

For our final day in London, our first stop was a market near the Globe for some breakfast.

Green iron and glass structures with many delicious stalls

We enjoyed about two hours of sampling, and left very gastronomically happy.

Mango with sticky rice – my favorite Thai dessert!

Fresh Juice (I had apple pomegranate)

Sausages – the fig one was delicious!
Pretty Tomatoes

Pretty Garlic

We did.  It was truffley.

Turkish delight (yummy, but still not quite good enough to betray one’s siblings over)

Okay, this was the best thing of the day.  Salted beef with sweet pickles and “British mustard” on this thick, soft wheat bread.  It was outstanding!

On our way to the Globe, we came across a restaurant who’s patio was covered with brightly-colored umbrellas.

Oh, also?  The Cokes here have names on them:

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