London! Whoo!

It’s been two days packed full of sightseeing, which is no good for blogger storytelling.  It’s almost midnight now – we capped the day off by seeing “One Man, Two Guvnors”. 
 I had missed it on Broadway, so I was glad to catch it in the West End.  It’s a rewrite/update of a Commedia play and, like most Commedia, it’s excellent with the humor and characters and weak on the exposition/plot.  This one included live music with a variety of percussion solos – everything from a washboard to spoons to a kettle drum to a bare chest.  It was a lot of fun to see.
All of which is to say that it’s late, so I shall be brief.
After going here yesterday:

We got lunch here:

 And then went here:

Which has a very cool interior:
Next we went shopping at Covent Garden 

where I thoroughly enjoyed a stall that sells old printing tools:

And this terrific store:

I bought a few things here. 🙂
After getting a pasty:
from a pie shop:

we headed back towards our hotel for dinner here:

before taking a quick stroll around the neighborhood and turning into bed.
That’s Day One.  Next up, Day Two!

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