Easter in San Diego

I’ve been slow to write about our trip last weekend to San Diego in part because I’ve had a full week and in part because whenever I sit to write about that trip I am reminded that what I really want to write about is the outcome of the Fulbright thing and I can’t write about it yet because I still don’t know. Even though I found other teachers on Facebook posting about hearing last Monday, I still don’t know. And so I avoided blogging most of the week.

When I put off writing an entry, I inevitably fall back to a short picture-based post.  For the record, I will note the following:

1. Nathalie and George throw one heck of a brunch.

2. Sitting on comfortable patio furniture in the shade on a sunny San Diego day with a light jasmine-scented breeze watching a hummingbird flit through the surrounding giant birds of paradise while enjoying good company is about as perfect a way to spend a Sunday morning as I’ve ever experienced.

3. I like my California side of the family quite a lot. We don’t get to see them too often, but I always enjoy the conversation, the wit, and the affection.  Plus, Pepere’s family stories are pretty hard to beat. I think my favorite this time around was the “black widow” who threw one husband down the well and did the other one in with mushrooms.  We never did hear what happened to the third husband.


Lexie and Sadie, checking one of their Easter finds

Sadie very nicely shared some of her treats with her cousins

Nathalie and Lexie
Memere, Dad, George, Sadie, and Sylvie
Mom, Larry, and Pepere
Two generations of grandchildren
Me, Rachel, Andy, Sadie, and Lexie
And one more of the Waterhouse clan at the beach, just because I like it
(even if Andy’s eyes are closed).

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