I Wove a Rug! (Weaving Project #2)

I figured it would be better to drive up the mountain in the midst of a blizzard in the afternoon than after a blizzard in the pre-dawn hours.  It wasn’t the worst commute I’ve made.  I didn’t need chains, for example.  I also figured I was well-prepared for being trapped in my vehicle, should it come to that.  I had a week’s supply of groceries and clothing in the trunk, as well as a rigid heddle loom.

Despite having minimal free time, I wanted my loom with me up here.  So long as there is a chance of a snow day, I want access to my archaic hobbies.

Happily, I had time after dinner to finish my current project.  Look!  I wove a rug!

Seen here, behind the cat.

She was actually very helpful as I removed the waste header.
Here’s a better shot.

I like the stripes the variegated yarn created.

I did a basic knotted fringe. 
This may change, once I see it in the hallway at home.
Here’s one more shot, with a cat for attention scale.

The bad news is that now I have to figure out my next project.  I have several lovely yarns to choose from:

…but what to do with them?

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