Farewell, Friend; Hello, Family!

So… given our respective travel plans for the day, staying up until 3:30 AM talking last night might not have been the brightest idea we’ve had.  Particularly since we needed to be up by 5:30 to get Jason to the airport in time.

We are of hearty pioneer stock though, so up at 5:30 we were.  A bit bleary-eyed (not that it was noticeable), we drove to the airport and said our good-byes.  Unfortunately, Jason had flaky flights, and he spent the next nine hours hanging out in DIA.  He didn’t get to board his flight until I was pulling into Grand Junction!

I, on the other hand, miraculously made it home from the airport without falling asleep and promptly went back to bed for a 90-minute power nap before packing and hitting the road for Grand Junction.  I figured out about halfway here that I had neglected to pack any pants besides the jeans I was wearing, so while I did manage to drive on 3.5 hours of sleep, I am apparently not the best at packing.

Still, I made it home for our delayed family Christmas, and the snowstorm held off until I was pulling into town.  Plus, the canyons are always pretty when you mix snow and cliffs and evergreens.

Snow in Glenwood

It was great to have Jason visit, and I’m glad to get to visit my family now!

And sleep.  Sleeping will be good too.

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