Oh, Dating.

Jason sent me a link to a clip from PBS about singles in the LDS church.  One of the men interviewed talks about “finding a ten.”  He’s then followed by a bishopric fellow saying that part of his job is to get singles to stop expecting tens.

I’ve wondered if I’m too picky.  I like to think I keep an open mind, but then again I’m getting a lot quicker at “archiving” matches on my latest dating site.

Here, you tell me.  What do you think of these recommended matches?

I don’t think my aversion to writing like this is just because I’m an English major. To me it indicates someone who doesn’t care about first impressions or taking care with his/her work.  That’s an important indicator to me of education levels, literacy, work ethic, and social skills.

Or there are matches that are harder to read, like this:

Of course there are the not-so-enigmatic ones:

Sadly, such a profile is not so unique.  I’m not sure whether to admire their honesty or lament the results of such honesty.

Then again, not all men are driven by such carnal desires:

Or maybe so.

What do you think? Have I missed a potential 8 or 9?


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