We Survived!

19 hours on the bus; forced to watch “The Spy Next Door,” “The Patriot,” and “Wasabi,” all in dubbed Spanish; saw a lot of desolate countryside (and I've driven through Wyoming a lot); and slept a lot (Thanks, Dramamine!); but we survived! And we're at a cute little hotel, as seen below (above? I'm not sure how mobile blogging posts pictures), complete with birds outside our window.

The plan now is to get food, wander Miraflores, see “Transformers,” get more food, and come back to catch up our blogs.

(And yes, I recognize the irony of complaining about the movies on the bus when we are willingly going to see “Transformers”, but there's good and just cause for that one whereas “The Spy Next Door” just has no excuse.)

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