Pick a Pocket or Two

This is just… weird.

Apparently, a new theme park has opened in England. This may rival the ride (yes, ride) Mercedes and I enjoyed at the Cadbury factory and the “multimedia” castle tour Emily and I found in Dover. Now you can experience 19th century London in Dicken’s World.

I think my favorite part is Fagin’s Den:
“So how has Dickens World presented Fagin’s Den? As a children’s playpen, of course, where young’ uns can muck about on slides and climbing frames and bounce off soft, colorful walls.”
(from this article)

Which, especially given my current commute listening (“The English Novel” – a 24-part lecture series), makes me wonder just what other British tomes may inspire theme parks? The Jungle Cruise remade for Heart of Darkness? “Thornfield – Bertha’s Haunted Mansion” (complete with firework show every night at sunset)? Six Flags Over Canterbridge?


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